Objectives –
→ To endeavour to transform the noble mission and far-reaching vision of the institution into reality.
→ To create an atmosphere in the institution for research,growth, development and overall enhancement of the student’s personalities.
→ To promote new and modern teaching techniques among the teachers to guide the students.

Learning Outcomes –
Commerce –
→ Accounting
→ Auditing
→ Taxation
→ Marketing Management
→ Business Management

Science –
→ Chemical testing, water testing and treatment.
→ Pathological tests
→ Tissue culture
→ Soil testing
→ Computer application, operations and programming
→ Study of plants

Arts –
→ Writing and communicative skills
→ Statistical analysis
→ Public administration
→ Social Audit
→ Field survey

Graduate Attributes –
The following Graduate Attributes have been framed by the college and efforts are made to follow them honestly

→ From darkness to light
→ Quality and job-oriented education.
→ Moral ethics and discipline.
→ Higher education for socio-economically weak students of this tribal area.
→ Enhancing opportunities of education for girls.
→ Team work and leadership.
→ Self growth through social work.
→ Democracy and human rights.
→ Excellence in academics.
→ Physical fitness through sports.
→ Environmental Awareness.
→ Innovations in Information Technology